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Whether you are looking for assistance with protecting your family and creating generational wealth through life insurance, annuities and investments, purchasing a new home, budgeting, credit coaching, business funding, publishing your book or access to books and knowledge that will catapult you to your next level then look no further than BF Brooks Enterprises LLC! We are ready to serve you!

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Dean’s Cuisines:
67 Recipes Commemorating 67 Years

Dean’s Cuisines is a road map to 67 delicious recipes commemorating the 67 years that the cookbook’s namesake lived here on earth. This collection of memorable and delicious recipes, both original as well as collected, is a way of celebrating her life through the food that she cooked which brought joy to so many.

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How do I achieve greatness and success? If you are a “Go Getter”, this is a question that you have asked yourself over and over again. Being a “Go Getter” is a mindset. It is not based on your background, your race or ethnicity, or your position in life. All “Go Getters” want to be great and successful, and they want to know what it takes to get there. In this book you will find tangible tips to equip you as a “Go Getter” to reach your full potential.

Best Seller

The Footprint of Success

Authentic leadership is always striving to leave a tangible mark in the world. Those tangible marks are preceded by moments of scholarship where leaders strive to learn and improve their practice.

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Life Insurance & Annuities

Looking for a reliable agency to secure your family's future? Look no further than Prosperity Partners Agency! We specialize in life insurance and generational wealth, providing comprehensive coverage to ensure your loved ones are protected. Don't leave your family's future to chance - let us help you build a legacy that lasts for generations to come. Contact us today to learn more!

Real Estate

Are you considering homeownership but not sure where to start? Look no further than Brooks & Davis Real Estate Firm LLC! Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find your dream home and making the home buying process a breeze. Homeownership offers a wide range of benefits, including stable housing costs, potential tax benefits, and the ability to build equity and wealth. Let us help you make your dream of homeownership a reality. Contact us today to learn more!


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Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way, from editing and formatting to cover design and marketing. With our streamlined process, you can see your book in print and on the shelves in just 30 days! 🚀
Don't let your manuscript collect dust on your desk any longer. Let Self Publish-N-30Days help you bring your book to life and share your story with the world.

Consulting, Credit Coaching & Business Funding.

Ready to take your business to the next level? With BF Brooks Enterprises LLC, you can establish strong business credit and personal credit, and unlock the power to make large purchases with ease. Let us help you build a solid financial foundation for your business and watch your opportunities soar!

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